PNOmation II Upgrade

PlayerPianoPros is proud to announce the PNOmation II Upgrade for your Pianomation Player Piano System

PNOmation II is Compatible with Previous Pianomation Systems
PNOmation II is an invisible player. With a PNOmation II upgrade, there is no longer a visible front-end controller mounted under the piano keyboard. Enjoy the benefits of a player without altering the appearance of your piano. Instead of putting a CD into your Pianomation controller, imagine controlling your entire Pianomation library wirelessly from your iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, or any web-enabled phone, PC or MAC.

QRS Pianomation player systems have always been fully upgradeable. As technology advances, so can your player piano system. Maintaining the value of your player system maintains the value of your piano investment. We offer a PNOmation II upgrade to any of our existing Pianomation MIDI systems. PNOmation II offers the latest advances that technology today provides. It not only can upgrade the past but is positioned for the future.

Better Performance with a PNOmation II Upgrade
PNOmation II features enhanced playback abilities with superior execution of dynamics. The softest pianissimos and loudest fortissimos offer greater dynamic range and produce more convincing musical performances. PNOmation II also dramatically improves the control over the sustain pedal solenoid, which allows for quieter sustain pedal operation and more accurate performances.

A PNOmation II upgrade provides advances in playback control, a more accurate dynamic range as well as an improved quiet play.

Please contact us for more information on upgrading your existing Pianomation system.
QRS was founded in 1900 by Melville Clark (of Story & Clark piano fame) who developed the player piano as we know it today. QRS supplied music rolls to the player piano market, with production peaking in 1927. That year QRS Music Company sold 10 million rolls. To view a video on how QRS piano rolls are made, click here.

The player piano's heyday lasted from 1900 until the Great Depression in the 1930's. The Great Depression, along with the development of affordable radios, effectively ended player piano production. However, the demand for rolls continued and was reinvigorated in the 1950's when people began restoring old player pianos.

In 1986, QRS began focusing on new technologies, and in 1989 released its first digital retrofit player piano kit under the Pianomation™ name. Today QRS is an industry leader in introducing fun innovations for home musical entertainment.

Courtney Lannom, Inc. has been closely associated with QRS since the earliest days of Pianomation. During that time, we have installed thousands of Pianomation systems and taught proper installation techniques to new and seasoned installers.