Model LX Details

The Live Performance LX is the first High-Resolution player piano system available that can be fitted to any grand piano, and many upright pianos. The Live Performance LX has 1020 dynamic levels of expression for each note, a standard that emerged after many years of experimentation and study. This standard yields a degree of articulation and subtlety far beyond the reach of other player systems.

The LX uses full proportional pedaling. With 256 pedal positions, 100 pedal samples per second, and high-bandwidth closed-loop control, the dampers are raised to their full height and motion is closely controlled at every instant in time. This reproduces the subtlest and most delicate of pedal effects.

Note solenoid and driver board assembly
Note solenoid and driver board assembly
Sustain solenoid
Sustain solenoid
Power supply/processor
Power supply/processor

Once installed, the playing mechanism is completely hidden from view. The note solenoids and their associated electronics reside within a cutout in the keybed. Underneath the keybed, only the note solenoid mounting rail is visible. The LX solves the problem of keybed integrity that comes about from the need to cut a slot in the keybed to allow the note solenoids access to the keys. Conventional playing mechanisms do not attempt to remedy the loss of support that ensues. In contrast, the mounting rail of the LX is a rigid steel structure that is attached to the keybed across its width, thereby restoring the structural integrity that was present before installation.

The live Performance LX Reproducing System does not include a proprietary playback console. Instead, it is designed to be driven by a digital signal carried by any line-level audio source, using any present or future technology that can deliver high fidelity audio to its analog RCA inputs. This ensures that your LX system is not dependent on a frontend that could become obsolete or unserviceable after just a few years. Most of our installations now use an Apple iPad, computer or other device as the music source. This device can be hard-wired or the signal can be sent wirelessly to the piano.

Still, many player piano recordings are distributed on compact discs. For this reason, a CD/DVD player still provides a simple and effective interface for driving the LX. Audio sources to drive the Live Performance LX by playing archived music files and CD recordings through other technologies include:
  • iPods, iPod Touches, iPhones, iPads and other MP3 players
  • Personal computers via direct connection or Wi-Fi
  • Radio links to remote computers or CD changers
  • Networked home theater media players

The Live Performance LX can play music files and CD's designed for use with several types of modern player piano systems:
  • Live Performance LX High Definition music files and CD's
  • Yamaha PianoSoft Plus music files and CD's
  • QRS Pianomation music files and CD's (except Sync-Along)
  • WebOnly Piano music files and CD's
  • PianoDisc music files and CD's (except Silent Drive Plus)
  • Pianocorder music files and CD's

You can create your own music files and CDs to play on the LX Reproducing System by encoding standard MIDI files into an LX-compatible format.

Re-Creating the Artist
The Live Performance LX heralds as one of the most exciting developments in the reproducing piano industry in the past 30 years. Never before has it been possible to reproduce all the nuances of a concert performance. From the delicate pianissimo to the thunderous fortissimo, all the dynamics are reproduced in high-definition format. Proportional pedaling reproduces the fine pedal shadings that are so important to piano music.

Imagine legendary pianists like George Gershwin, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Art Tatum and Glenn Gould playing your piano. Every nuance and expression of the original performance is faithfully reproduced on your piano.

The Live Performance LX takes advantage of recent advances in high-tech electronics, yielding a compact and robust design. The combination of proportional pedaling and high-resolution control yields outstanding musical results. The Live Performance LX will provide many years of pleasure without service or calibration.

There are absolutely no words to describe the extraordinary musicality of the Live Performance LX. You have to experience it for yourself.

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Live Performance, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Wayne Stahnke, who has been inventing, designing and building electronic reproducing player pianos since the early 1970's. Perhaps the best known of Mr. Stahnke's instruments were the Bosendorfer SE pianos that were built in the 1980's. From 1991 to 2001, Mr. Stahnke worked for Yamaha Corporation as a member of the Disklavier Pro design team. The Disklavier Pro is Yamaha's answer to the Stahnke Engineering Bosendorfer SE. The Live Performance LX is Mr. Stahnke's latest product offering. It is the distillation of inventions and techniques developed and refined over the past 30 years.

Fine engineering along with meticulous installation techniques developed by us over the past 30 years results in the ultimate reproducing player piano system. We are honored to represent this fine product.